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Kayla and Vince’s story starts when they met on the beach. It was not planned and Kayla was actually suppose to be meeting someone else. She had no idea at the time that this random guy would be her future husband. After talking and getting to know each other they eventually went on their first date. Their first date was at the mall where they did a little shopping and eating at the food court. Since they were having such a great time they also went swimming later that day. After dating and having their sweet little boy, they are finally tying the knot.

Kayla: “I fell in love with Vince because he made me feel like no one else ever did.”

Kayla: “My favorite thing about Vince is his sense of humor and he always makes me laugh whenever he dances.”

Vince: “The reason why I fell in love with Kayla is because she makes me a better person.”

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When Devin and Erin first met at an InterVarsity Hospitality Team meeting. Devin had been wrangled into serving, despite his misgivings about humans in general. Erin was a bright-eyed freshman excited about all of the new humans she got to meet. They became friends while swapping poetry at the Hospitality Team sponsored hangouts in the student union coffee shop. Over a year later she started stealing his fancy apartment’s kitchen to eat real food and ended up teaching Devin how fresh garlic worked.

Some time after Devin and Erin started cooking together, Erin ended up joining the Central Wisconsin Children’s Museum Board of Directors. Every year they threw a Family Prom. Erin invited Devin to come with her, and it wasn’t until a few days later that it sunk in that Erin invited Devin to go to Prom with her. Erin may have freaked out about it a little, showed up late and almost crying about how her clothes didn’t fit right. Devin, being an expert at handling crying, managed to convince Erin that she looked great and got to Prom on time. Family Prom ended up being the most awkward thing they have ever done. After a painful 45 minutes of the Macarena and the Chicken Dance, they snuck out the back door to eat cheesecake and watch The Expendables in their fancy clothes. Their favorite part about the whole night. This is what they consider to be their first date even though they were still both convinced they weren’t dating each other after prom.

How did Devin Propose?

Erin – “Devin surprised me completely by recreating a poem I wrote 4 years ago a month into our relationship. In the poem, I talk about how he gives me a telescope when I am lost to help me sfind my way. And then he made me a telescope by hand! Engraved with a line from the poem! When I finally realized exactly what it was, all I could think was “He knows me so well.” Needless to say, He won major brownie points with that proposal.”Erin – “There are too many things about Devin I like to make picking one easy. But today, my favorite thing is that Devin sees me better than anyone else. He pays attention to things that even I don’t always notice, and then asks all the right questions. When I jokingly ask him what exactly it is he likes about me, he always has a list of things I didn’t know he knew about me.”Erin – “I fell in love with Devin because I chose to. I kept seeing little glimmers of who he is and who he will be and decided he was someone too precious not to love.”



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Katie and Matti are the rock stars of the cosmetology industry. These two became friends when they were in cosmetology school and clicked the moment they met. I had so much fun talking about boys and getting to spend some time with these ladies. Plus after the shoot was done Katie actually gave me a hair cut in my kitchen as we all ate pizza. Such a random great day with these two awesome ladies!

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TJ and Liz I have had the pleasure of knowing for what seems like forever. They are both from the Lansing area and met in French class at Lansing Community College. It is only fitting that TJ met his future bride in a class that is all about the language of love. Over the last couple of years I have witnessed their relationship flourish. It is truly an honor to get to capture the love that you both share for each other.

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